Thursday, December 31, 2009

NCAA Football Picks New Year's Eve


Houston vs. Air Force
Oklahoma vs. No.21 Stanford
Navy vs. Missouri
Minnesota vs. Iowa State
No.11 Virginia Tech vs. Tennessee

Virginia Tech and Tennessee got the worst bowl schedule this year. By the time they finish the game and get out of the locker room it'll be 2010 already.

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Wednesday, December 30, 2009

NCAA Football Picks Dec 30


Bowling Green vs. Idaho
No.20 Arizona vs. No.22 Nebraska

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Christmas 'Miracle' As Mother, Infant Resuscitated After Showing No Signs Of Life During Labor

The "lack of an explanation" and "impossible" are two completely different things. The word "miracle" is a phantom word that has no real meaning aside from "we haven't figured it out yet"
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Why Covering A Beatles Song Should Be Outlawed

I've watched 5 minutes of 'Across The Universe' and it's already obvious that Julie Taymor should never be allowed to direct another movie. The song is called "HAPPINESS Is A Warm Gun" but this disastrous cover makes me wanna step in front of a bus. That's the whole problem with that goddamn soundtrack. They were one of the most optimistic bands ever. This abomination is depressing.

I will say that despite the fact that I'm far from a U2 fan, their cover of Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds is O.K. It's not great or anything though. But compared to the rest of the soundtrack it's fucking phenomenal.

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Tuesday, December 29, 2009

NCAA Football Picks Dec 29


No.15 Miami  vs. No.25 Wisconsin

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Monday, December 28, 2009

Football Picks Dec 28


Texas A&M vs. Georgia

Minnesota at Chicago

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Sunday, December 27, 2009

Football Picks Dec 27


Kentucky vs. Clemson

Baltimore at Pittsburgh
Houston at Miami
Jacksonville at New England
Carolina at NY Giants
NY Jets at Indianapolis
Denver at Philadelphia

With all the bad luck I've had with Clemson this year, I'll be glad to see their season over. The ACC could really use a win though, after the UNC and BC games yesterday.

The playoff picture in the NFL should look a lot clearer in the NFC after today, but the AFC still has too many teams in the chase for the wild-card slots. I doubt we'll know anything until next Sunday.

I picked the home teams in every game this week. I don't think that's happened all year.

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Saturday, December 26, 2009

NCAA College Football Picks Dec 26


Marshall vs. Ohio
No.17 Pittsburgh vs. North Carolina
Boston College vs. No.24 USC

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Friday, December 25, 2009

NFL Picks Christmas Day!

Merry Christmas everyone!


San Diego at Tennessee

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The Best Christmas Movies Of All Time: Which Is Your Favorite? (PHOTOS)

You can't ask people to rank their favorite Christmas movies if you don't even have Die Hard on the list. You either think Die Hard is the greatest Christmas movie of all times, or you just hate our freedoms. End of discussion.
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Thursday, December 24, 2009

NCAA Football Picks Christmas Eve

You wanna know how to tell when there are too many bowl games in college football? When either Nevada or Southern Methodist make it to a bowl game...


Nevada vs. Southern Methodist

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Wednesday, December 23, 2009

NCAA Football Picks Dec 23


No.23 Utah vs. California

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McCain Senate Re-Election Race Already Getting Ugly

As bad as McCain is, this SOB would be even worse.
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Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Darth Vader Rings Opening Bell At New York Stock Exchange On Wall Street

The black suit looks really slimming on Cheney.
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Tim Jones, English Priest, Says Shoplifting Okay At Times

Finally a priest with some decency!
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Kim Kardashian's Carl's Jr Ad: Salad In Bed, Bubble Bath (VIDEO)

Whatever. Their salads don't look anything like that.
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NCAA Football Picks Dec 22


No.18 Oregon State vs. No.14 Brigham Young

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Monday, December 21, 2009

Feingold: Obama Responsible For Loss Of Public Option

Obama signing this bill (or anything even close to it) after campaigning on HCR would be like Bush Sr. saying "Read my lips..." He can still veto it, but does anybody seriously think he'd even consider it?
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Tommy Kelly PANTS OFF VIDEO: Pantsed Lineman EXPOSED

And I thought the NCAA had a problem with the new helmets coming off too easily...
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Sunday, December 20, 2009

Football Picks Dec 20


Southern Miss vs. Middle Tennessee

Miami at Tennessee
Atlanta at NY Jets
Cincinnati at San Diego
Chicago at Baltimore
San Francisco at Philadelphia
Green Bay at Pittsburgh

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Saturday, December 19, 2009

Football Picks Dec 19

College bowl season starts off with two games nobody gives a fuck about, but I'm picking them anyway!


Fresno State vs. Wyoming
UCF vs. Rutgers

Dallas at New Orleans

If the Saints beat the Cowboys tonight, (and they more than likely will) the last two games of their schedule are almost guaranteed.All they have to worry about are the Vikings in the playoffs.

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The 7 Biggest iTunes Hold-Outs--And Why They Object (PHOTOS)

What generation was that, again? You can't put "Beatles" and "obscurity" in the same sentence.
About Photo Galleries
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Palin Blacks Out 'McCain For President' On Visor

Is this bitch really too stupid to buy a new fucking hat?
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Leon Orr, Lynden Trail PICTURES? Florida Recruits Allegedly Flash Gang Signs, Gun

Just another reason to hate the Gators
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Storm warnings as snow bears down on mid-Atlantic

I know a lot of people wanna be smart alecs, but one really big snow storm isn't the same as a bunch of snow days... I know I'm not the only one old enough to remember that.
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Thursday, December 17, 2009

"Iron Man 2" Trailer: WATCH THE VIDEO

Don Cheadle should've been Rhodey from the beginning.
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Controversial Billboard Of Joseph And Mary In Bed: God 'A Hard Act To Follow'

It's not offensive to me! I think it's fucking hilarious!

Poor choice of words though, haha :)
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Character Designs

These are a few characters I made up. I thought about writing a few short scripts of about 5-10 pages each for these characters. If I do, I'll probably do the same thing I'm planning with these characters that I talked about the other day.

There are several more sketches if you click "Read More"

I've wanted to do a martial arts series for a long time and these characters might be perfect for that.

This is my favorite out of all of them.

A close up...

The tuff girl...

colored version...

last character...

the first one again...

I didn't pay much attention to the eyes when I did that one so it looks a little different.

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NFL Picks Dec 17


Indianapolis at Jacksonville

Does anybody seriously think the Jags are gonna beat the Colts? And does anybody seriously think Manning doesn't care about going 16-0? And while we're on the subject, does anybody really think the Chargers are a better AFC team than the Colts?! I don't know how many times I've heard all the commentary guys (especially on ESPN) say that over the last week... and none of them have a fucking ounce of evidence to back it up. The only team playing on the Colts' level are the Saints.

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Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Chris Brown Lashes Out At Stores That Won't Stock His CD

Who the hell wants his dumbass album anyway?
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Friday, December 11, 2009

A Guy With Swords

I never finished this, and I doubt I will.

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Character Designs For New "Project"

These are the main characters of a story I'm currently writing. It's a crime story about a family taking on the syndicate after two of the brothers are framed for a series of crimes.

I'm planning on finding another artist to collaborate with, but it's too early now to say what I'll end up doing with it... I'm still pretty busy with Star Stream right now.

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Captain On The Ice Planet

It's a captain or Sergeant or whatever on an ice planet.

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Character: Flying Star

I haven't posted much art in a while, so I've got a lot to upload. This is Flying Star. 

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NFL Picks Dec 13


New Orleans at Atlanta
Green Bay at Chicago
Miami at Jacksonville
Denver at Indianapolis
Cincinnati at Minnesota
San Diego at Dallas
Philadelphia at NY Giants

Let's get straight to the two undefeated teams! I actually think the Saints have a bigger risk of losing than the Colts this week. I don't think either of them will lose though. I'm liking the prospects of two undefeated teams in the Super Bowl more and more each week.

In the NFC East, my perfect scenario this week would be for the Cowboys to lose and the Eagles win. I don't think it's gonna happen though... at least not entirely. The Eagles should beat the Giants, but I think the Cowboys are gonna beat the Chargers this week.

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Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Rush Limbough Is A Fucking Moron

If there's one thing a rich old white guy knows a lot about, it's "the black frame of mind"
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I don't know why Rush threw that little Tiger Woods comment in at the end. He's talking about black people being depressed and unemployed. I'm pretty sure Tiger Woods isn't on welfare (although, Gatorade did just "fire" him, kinda)

And I noticed he threw a lot of "uhhs" in there too. That's probably because his mouth works faster than his brain.

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Monday, December 7, 2009

O'Reilly Ambushes Elementary School For 'War On Christmas' (VIDEO)

I'll bet anything that if you go back and check, all of this "War on Christmas" rhetoric from Billo probably kicked up 150% since he stopped getting those "falafel" calls every Christmas Eve.
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Untelevised: The Other Side of the Argument

I was watching a lot of football over the weekend and, for whatever reason, the players all thanking god for their touchdowns and for "giving them the win" really stuck with me more than usual... so I did an installment of Untelevised!

It's not like it just all of a sudden started bugging me. It's always bugged me. I think it's the fact that it was so prevalent on Saturday, in the post-game interviews, and more prominently, on Tim Tebow's face.

He always wears "eye black" with a bible verse written on it during his games. On Saturday (when his #1 ranked team lost to #2 ranked Alabama) he had 'John 16:33' written. The verse reads:

"I have told you these things, so that in me you may have peace. In this world you will have trouble. But take heart! I have overcome the world."

First of all, it sounded a little conceited. What exactly has Tim Tebow overcome? And how the hell does that give me peace? If you think about what it really says, it's even worse:

"In this world you will have trouble. But take heart! I'll be making millions playing pro football!"

But what I really found ironic about the whole thing is that he had a terrible game and his team lost. No more National Championship! And what a fucking relief! I don't think I could sit through the championship bowl game seeing this plastered all over his face:

"John 3:16 - For god so loved the 'Gators (apparently more than the rest of the nation), he sent his only Tim Tebow, that whoever bets on him shall maketh all kinds of money!"

Thankfully, god's not as big of a Gators fan as he was the last two years. Apparently he's a Texas Longhorns fan, based on that fucking miracle comeback win Saturday night to save their spot in the National Championship... And in the post-game interview, who did Longhorns quarterback Colt McCoy thank for their win?... yeah, you guessed it.

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Sunday, December 6, 2009

NFL Picks Dec 6


Philadelphia at Atlanta
Tennessee at Indianapolis
New England at Miami
Houston at Jacksonville
Dallas at NY Giants
Minnesota at Arizona

There are plenty of good games this week. It looks like (on paper, anyway) one of the best weeks of the season so far.

I''m looking forward to the Colts game. The Titans are pretty much the hottest team left on the Colts' schedule. They still have to play the Broncos next week (7-4), but the rest of their games are against .500 teams.

Regardless of what happens in the Cowboys game they'll keep first place in the NFC East because of the tie-breaker with the Eagles (for now) but a win over the Giants would put a little breathing room between them. On the other hand, a loss would effectively make it a three-team race again (Eagles)

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Saturday, December 5, 2009

NCAA Football Picks Dec 5 (Conference Championship Week)

It's Conference Championship Week! As always, winners in Green.


No.5 Cincinnati at No.15 Pittsburgh
No.21 Houston at East Carolina
No.23 West Virginia at Rutgers
Arizona at No.18 USC
No.1 Florida vs. No.2 Alabama
No.3 Texas vs. No.22 Nebraska
No.10 Georgia Tech vs. Clemson

Pitt is the only upset I'm taking this week. I haven't bought into the Cincinnati hype all year and I'm not going to now.

My 'Bama/Texas championship prediction is just two games away from becoming a reality. But again, I'd settle for Florida losing either way... I mean, that's what's really important isn't it?


Clemson, Clemson, Clemson... They've been a thorn in my side, going all the way back to my NCAA Week 2 prediction!

I could link to just about any Clemson game I've picked and show that when I pick them, they lose... and when I pick against them... they win... ALL FUCKING SEASON!! But I'm picking this post specifically for the irony in that I pointed out in that post how Clemson would "surprise a lot of people this year" And they have... especially me!

But another point about that post you may have missed? They lost that game to Georgia Tech. The same Georgia Tech team they'll face today for the ACC Championship. So here's to you, Clemson! Fuck you in the face with a Yellow Jacket's giant stinger!

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Thursday, December 3, 2009

Thursday Night Football Picks Dec 3

It's almost bowl season and my record could be a little better.


No.16 Oregon State at No.7 Oregon

NY Jets at Buffalo

The NFL keeps the streak of stellar Thursday Night match-ups going with two more teams that more than likely won't make the playoffs...

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Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Bobby Bowden Retires: FSU Coach To Retire After Bowl Game

I'm a little disappointed, but a little relieved. Now let's get the Jimbo Fisher dynasty started!
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