Tuesday, October 28, 2008

'Azure' - A Zuda Webcomic

Azure - "Earth is a watery grave for low-lying cities due to a cataclysmic event in the year 2012. What land is left has been decimated by warfare and stripped by survivors. Welcome to the world of Azure."


Alright, so this woman lives alone in an underwater facility that's apparently controlled by a self-operating computer system that controls everything from the long range life detectors to the underwater hatch that leads out into the ocean.

Story - We don't really learn a lot in the 8-page story except that this woman lives alone in an underwater facility, she walks around in nothing but a white tank-top and panties and she has a cool armored wetsuit... Oh and there's a "mutated" shark that doesn't look anything like a mutated shark. 

Art - The art is pretty impressive, especially the colors. The lighting is probably the best of any comic on Zuda. The level of detail, particularly when we see the dozens of viewscreens that line the facility, helps bring the world to life.

Overall - While the story is severley lacking, the art helps to make up for it... but it's not enough. It's possible that with a few more pages to develop the story a little more I could change my mind (and it looks like I'll get the chance because this story is currently in 1st with just under a week to go) but from the first 8 pages I'm not impressed.

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'Alone' - A Zuda Webcomic

Alone - "An experimental fantasy that runs the gamut artistically, from a super-realistic painted style to impressionistic pulses of frozen emotion, as the shaman hero battles for the fate of primitive man."


That's the tagline from the Zuda site. The actual 8-page story shows the Shaman treking through a forest in search of help. The generic part is that he's trying to "save his people." And that's about as generic as it gets.We see a decrepit female that lives below the surface of a secluded pond, a half-naked girl and a spirit that takes the form of a talking wolf. It's pretty unique for a fantasy story.

The part I liked the most about this webcomic was the art. It's done in a realistic painting style that couldn't fit the story any better. The background scenery, from the pine trees to the running water, is nearly perfect. The character expressions are a little bland but it doesn't take away from the feel of the story.

Overall it's a decent story compensated by fantastic art and interesting characters. It's a shame this comic doesn't have the support from the readers to win the monthly competition. I'd love to see at least a few more pages.

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New Segment

There'll be a new segment of the blog starting either tonight or tomorrow where I'll review all of the webcomics I read, especially the Zuda contest entries. 

There hasn't really been a lot to update as far as my own comics go. Partly because there's nothing new that I can discuss right now, and partly because the Clinical Assassin print hasn't been put up for sale on ComiXpress.com yet... almost 2 weeks later.

The decision to do this came to me while I was reading this month's Zuda entries so I'll probably start with those.

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Saturday, October 25, 2008

Football Picks Oct 25-27

Football Picks Week 8:

NCAA Week 9:

#8 Texas Tech at #23 Kansas
Boston College at North Carolina
#6 Oklahoma State at #1 Texas
#7 Georgia at #13 LSU
Virginia Tech at #25 Florida State
#3 Penn State at #9 Ohio State

NFL Week 8:

San Diego at New Orleans
Kansas City at NY Jets
Atlanta at Philadelphia
NY Giants at Pittsburgh

Monday Night:
Indianapolis at Tennessee

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Monday, October 20, 2008

Clinical Assassin Goes To Print!

I got the proof copy from ComiXpress the other day and everything looked perfect. I'll update with a link to the online store in a few days hopefully.

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Webcomics Nation Is Back Up

The site is back up so I'm working on tomorrow's strip. I took a different approach to this one. I've done all (well most) of the art first. I'll add some dialogue later... when I think of something hilarious.

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Webcomics Nation Is Down

As of right now WebcomicsNation.com is down. There's no information about why the site is down or when it's expected to come back up. If it doesn't come back up soon, I'll re-run today's comic, but if it does I'll have a new strip for tomorrow.

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Sunday, October 19, 2008

New Logo Designs for Clinical Assassin

The image above is a scaled down version of the webcomic header, and the image below is the new button used in various places. (like the column to the left on this blog)

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Thursday, October 16, 2008

Football Picks Oct 16-20

NCAA Week 8:
Florida State at North Carolina State
#22 Vanderbilt at #10 Georgia
#16 Kansas at No. #4 Oklahoma
#12 Ohio State at #20 Michigan State
#11 Missouri at #1 Texas
#17 Virginia Tech at Boston College

NFL Week 7
San Diego at Buffalo
New Orleans at Carolina
Indianapolis at Green Bay

Sunday Night:
Seattle at Tampa Bay

Monday Night:
Denver at New England

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An Untelevised Strip For The Last Debate

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Saturday, October 11, 2008

Football Picks Oct 11-13

Football picks Week 6

NCAA Week 7:

Tennessee at #10 Georgia
Notre Dame at #22 North Carolina
#17 Oklahoma State at #3 Missouri
#4 LSU at #11 Florida

NFL Week 6:

Cincinnati at NY Jets
Carolina at Tampa Bay
Jacksonville at Denver

Sunday Night:
New England at San Diego

Monday Night:
NY Giants at Cleveland

The Giants lost to Cleveland? Seriously? 
Losing record this week. 4-5

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Tuesday, October 7, 2008

The Town Hall For It All

I did this political cartoon for today's 'Untelevised' installment. This one is cropped from the standard 700px width of the comic though. If you're reading this from the Untelevised website you can see what I mean. I'd planned on doing a different strip today but this idea kinda hit me late last night and I went with it. Hope you like it.

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Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Football Picks Oct 4-6

Here we go again. I'll be looking to bounce back from a terrible week of picks last weekend. It's gonna be hard and I've got a few upset picks in here too.

NCAA Week 6:

Boston College at North Carolina State
South Carolina at Mississippi
Florida State at Miami (FL)
# 13 Auburn at # 19 Vanderbilt
#24 Connecticut at North Carolina
#23 Oregon at # 9 USC
#14 Ohio State at # 18 Wisconsin

NFL Week 5:

Atlanta at Green Bay
Washington at Philadelphia
Tampa Bay at Denver
Pittsburgh at Jacksonville

Minnesota at New Orleans


I'm 5-2 after the college games. I guess that's not bad but the Auburn loss to Vanderbilt (commonly known as a fluke) made things a little worst. Picking Wisconsin to upset Ohio State might've been a bad pick in hindsight, but it's a bad pick I'd make again even if these two teams were playing again next Saturday.

I finished the week at 8-4 thanks mostly to the Eagles blowing the home field advantage and an early lead. Still not a bad week though.

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