Tuesday, October 28, 2008

'Azure' - A Zuda Webcomic

Azure - "Earth is a watery grave for low-lying cities due to a cataclysmic event in the year 2012. What land is left has been decimated by warfare and stripped by survivors. Welcome to the world of Azure."


Alright, so this woman lives alone in an underwater facility that's apparently controlled by a self-operating computer system that controls everything from the long range life detectors to the underwater hatch that leads out into the ocean.

Story - We don't really learn a lot in the 8-page story except that this woman lives alone in an underwater facility, she walks around in nothing but a white tank-top and panties and she has a cool armored wetsuit... Oh and there's a "mutated" shark that doesn't look anything like a mutated shark. 

Art - The art is pretty impressive, especially the colors. The lighting is probably the best of any comic on Zuda. The level of detail, particularly when we see the dozens of viewscreens that line the facility, helps bring the world to life.

Overall - While the story is severley lacking, the art helps to make up for it... but it's not enough. It's possible that with a few more pages to develop the story a little more I could change my mind (and it looks like I'll get the chance because this story is currently in 1st with just under a week to go) but from the first 8 pages I'm not impressed.


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