Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Mary Goes Round On Youtube

I made this simple animation to go with a clip of Mary Goes Round on youtube. If you don't make taking a few seconds to go to youtube and give it a thumbs up please.

And you can listen to the whole song on my myspace band page

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Thursday, March 25, 2010

New Moore Island DISAPPEARS Into The Sea

That's not global warming. Somebody turned a donkey wheel below a Dharma station and move the island.
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Sunday, March 21, 2010

Tea Party Protests: Racist Morons

Those babies did a phenomenal job on those signs they were "holding".
That's skill, son. Can YOUR kids do that? That's what I thought.
Those kids didn't even breast feed when they were infants... f@ck a handout!
She's gotta be an All-Star homemaker to raise kids that smart.
I bet she makes a delicious sandwich!
And they even got a little SUV stroller! Where'd they get that?
Look at the size of it! F@ck a carbon footprint!
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Friday, March 19, 2010

New Music Page (MySpace)

For those that don't know yet, I've got a new music page up:


Go add me, listen to the tracks (all instrumental backing tracks right now) and share it with your friends.

Let me know what you think.

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Thursday, March 18, 2010


This is another song I wrote. This is just a preview of the backing track until I can get the equipment to add the guitar and vocal tracks.

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Blazing Son

This is an early backing track (incomplete) for a song I wrote. There are two guitar tracks and a few vocal tracks that I can't add until I get the equipment. It's meant to be spelled "Son" instead of "Sun"

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This is the backing track for a song I wrote. There are two guitar tracks, lead and backing vocals that I haven't added yet because I don't have the equipment. (unless you want to make a donation)

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Monday, March 15, 2010

Less Than Half Of Americans Consider Themselves Middle Class: Poll

Smh, the poor thing they're better off than they are and the rich try to make it sound worse than it really is. The world is completely backwards. I rest my case.
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We Dare You To Tell The Difference Between These Jason Statham Movies (PIC)

HuffPost should fire Alex Leo for being a complete moron.
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We Dare You To Tell The Difference Between These Jason Statham Movies (PIC)

Yeah, it's amazing how much the 3 posters for Transporter 1, 2 & 3 all look the same. I mean he might as well just be playing the same character in all 3 movies...
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Saturday, March 13, 2010

Texas Textbook MASSACRE: 'Ultraconservatives' Approve Radical Changes To State Education Curriculum

And over the next 10 years the quality of education in Texas will steadily fall and the number of Texans enrolled in college will drop.
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Friday, March 12, 2010

Stargate Universe Trailer

One of my favorite things about the Stargate franchise has always been the space battles. The trailer only shows a few clips of the battle, but considering how much better the visual quality of this show has been compared to the two previous shows, I'm sure it'll be fucking incredible.

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Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Limbaugh: I'll Leave US If Health Care Reform Passes (VIDEO)

Now I don't care what's in it. I'll take it if this fat fucker leaves.
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Monday, March 8, 2010

Sarah Palin: God Wrote Notes On His Hand, Too

Did she just compare herself to god? I don't believe in god, but if I did, I'd point out that this bitch is the anti-Christ.
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Palin Crossed Border For Canadian Health Care

The "Liberal media" must not wanna reveal that she's secretly a liberal because they haven't said a godd@mn thing about this...
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Sunday, March 7, 2010

10 Rules Of Etiquette You Need To Know

I'm feeling generous so I'm gonna give you 10 pieces of advise that will help make you a better you... and by "ten" I mean "close enough."

  • Feel free to keep your cell phone on inside the theater... just make sure you sign the death waiver before entering, mother fucker.
  • Keep your naughty mirror pics in a seperate folder from the ones of your 3 month old baby.
  • If you see a Jonas brother outside of it's cage, kill it before it gets a hold of your children. (That's not really an "etiquette" thing... it's more of a humanitarian thing.)
  • Speaking of music... turn your fucking stereo down at stop-lights. It's bad enough we hear the Black Eyed Peas every time we turn around... you don't want people to know you're the reason why.
  • Stop sending me Farmville gift requests and help my fucking mafia!
  • Check to make sure they got your order right at the drive-thru window! Trust me, if you look away for even a second to pull forward a little bit, they'll try to pick up the whole fucking store and run! However, if they do get your order wrong, your fat ass could use the exercise you'd get from walking inside to demand a free milkshake for your "troubles".
  • Don't cuss so much. It's ugly.
  • West Virginia - Move to the other side of the country. Virginians don't wanna look out their window and see a big Sloth looking mother fucker saying "Hey you guys! Wanna play ball?!"

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Saturday, March 6, 2010

Google: Desktops Will Be Irrelevant In Three Years

A long time ago people thought we'd all be driving flying cars by the time 2000 came along.

Let me explain how this works. Porn is fun to watch and lots of people do it... but not on their g@dd@mn phones! Monitors will get bigger (you can use most TVs now) and machines will get smaller, but they'll always hold more storage room than a d@mn phone.
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5 Predictions For The 2010 MLB Season!

It's that time again... Spring training has already started. Pitchers are competing for a spot in the rotation, McGuire is smuggling the new high-grade steroids into the country and umpires are being air-lifted out of their La-Z Boy recliners! That's right, the 2010 Baseball season is almost here!

So here's my predictions for this year:

  • The Phillies are gonna regret getting rid of the only guy that actually did anything in the World Series last year
  • The Red Sox will win... puppies will die.
  • And their fans will be just as annoying (if not more annoying) as always.
  • The Cubs will never win the World Series... this year included.
  • The Cardinals will miss Kurt Warner
  • Sorry, wrong sport
  • The National League still sucks. Ironically, it's because they don't have a DH rule.
  • The Yankees will win the Series again.
  • All the cry-babies will whine about how the Yankees just "buy" their titles... as if we're supposed to just give them out to everybody like Little League trophies.

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