Thursday, April 22, 2010

Links Changed

I've updated the button links to the left so the Myspace link will lead you to my music page instead of my regular page.

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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Charles Barkley Uses The Shake Weight

This is hilarious. This is why Inside The NBA on TNT is maybe the best sports pre-game show around. (NFL On Fox is close) It's not enough that Kenny Smith and Charles Barkley know more about the sport than probably anybody on ESPN. They're consistently entertaining.

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Cal Ripken Won't Save The Orioles

Cal Ripken Issues Statement Regarding Talks with Orioles -- MLB FanHouse

I'm not sure I buy any of this story... especially the part about the Orioles potentially turning things around.

Don't get me wrong, I like the Orioles. But they're stuck in the AL East with the dreaded Red Sox and the Might Yankees. So even if they could turn things around, the best-case scenario for the foreseeable future is 3rd place.

The only real hope for the Orioles - as far as turning it around goes - is for the commissioner's office to go ahead with their ridiculous realignment dream.

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Sunday, April 18, 2010

Virginia: The "Bring Your Guns, We're Going Out Drinking" State!

In just a few months it'll be legal to carry a concealed weapon into restaurants and bars in Virginia. (We're gonna need a new state motto!) I can't tell you how dumb this is, but I'll try!

First off, let me say this - People that carry guns in public (hidden or not) are either weak little cowards, or police officers. That's it. There is no such thing as an "upstanding citizen with a gun". Now that that's out of the way...

Carrying a gun, by it's very nature, is an act of fear. You're afraid of the guy in the bar that's twice your size because you know you're weak. So you get a gun to take away that fear... BECAUSE NOW YOU HAVE A GUN! And without that fear that kept your head in check, you're disproportionately braver (than you naturally should be) so you're far less likely to walk away from a situation that you rationally should.

And that's when people get shot. You may be lucky. You might be the one doing the shooting. Then again, the other guy might have a concealed gun too. How would you know? IT'S FUCKING CONCEALED! So now you go for your gun, he goes for his... and the guy with the fastest draw wins. They also get to live.

Does that sound familiar? Of course it does. But the "Wild West/Gunslinger society" doesn't exist anymore... because it wasn't an ideal lifestyle. It fucking sucked!

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Thursday, April 15, 2010

Roanoke Tea Party Sets Ridiculous Guidelines

Happy Tea Party Day!! That wonderful day of the year when astroturf organizers like Freedomworks and the diabolical masterminds at Fox News convince millions of angry old white folk (mostly men) that the Obama Administration is going to destroy the world. *Footnote 1*

The Roanoke Times has an interesting post from one of their opinion bloggers (Found here) of the "do's and don'ts list" the Roanoke Tea Party sent out to attendees. You can read the linked blog for the list.

This list is just silly. Setting aside the fact that it's sad they have to ask people not to be racist in public, blaming it all on "secret liberal agents" is just passing the blame and effectively does nothing to change the racist mindset that's REALLY responsible for that behavior.

Why would a liberal go out and put a picture of themselves holding up a racist sign online for the world to see and think they're racist? I missing the part where that makes their life better.

And would it kill them to spell check before they write their colorful signs? Instead of just blaming Liberals (like they always do), take five fucking minutes to type out "Socialism sucks!! We want our white America back!!1!" in Word Processor or something! You can trust the computers, Tea-Baggers. Al Gore didn't really invent the internets. That was just another socialist lie! *Footnote 2*

I used to play basketball a lot when I was younger and you could always tell who you didn't want on your team when they started making excuses before they even got on the court. You know, stuff like:

  • Man! My back has been killin' me all day!
  • Dude, I'm hungover like a mother fucker!
  • Hold on a minute, I've gotta put this brace on my knee
  • I'm not gonna run too hard cause I've gotta go to work later.

Which is Bullshit for "I suck".

That's what these tea party organizers are doing. They're making excuses beforehand so when it inevitably happens they can say "Oh that wasn't us, it was Librul spies!"

Now, if you'll excuse me, I've gotta go make preparations to infiltrate a tea party!

*Footnote 1* Actual footage from one of the first of hopefully many of Obama's Death Panels.

*Footnote 2* The rally to protest the systematic takeover of the government by Socialists is ironically being held in a public park.

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Friday, April 2, 2010

The Internet In 1969: How We Imagined The Future (VIDEO)

Yeah, in 1969 they had no idea the feminazis would eventually take over. Now they buy their own damn sweaters!
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