Tuesday, October 28, 2008

'Alone' - A Zuda Webcomic

Alone - "An experimental fantasy that runs the gamut artistically, from a super-realistic painted style to impressionistic pulses of frozen emotion, as the shaman hero battles for the fate of primitive man."


That's the tagline from the Zuda site. The actual 8-page story shows the Shaman treking through a forest in search of help. The generic part is that he's trying to "save his people." And that's about as generic as it gets.We see a decrepit female that lives below the surface of a secluded pond, a half-naked girl and a spirit that takes the form of a talking wolf. It's pretty unique for a fantasy story.

The part I liked the most about this webcomic was the art. It's done in a realistic painting style that couldn't fit the story any better. The background scenery, from the pine trees to the running water, is nearly perfect. The character expressions are a little bland but it doesn't take away from the feel of the story.

Overall it's a decent story compensated by fantastic art and interesting characters. It's a shame this comic doesn't have the support from the readers to win the monthly competition. I'd love to see at least a few more pages.


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