Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Football Picks Oct 4-6

Here we go again. I'll be looking to bounce back from a terrible week of picks last weekend. It's gonna be hard and I've got a few upset picks in here too.

NCAA Week 6:

Boston College at North Carolina State
South Carolina at Mississippi
Florida State at Miami (FL)
# 13 Auburn at # 19 Vanderbilt
#24 Connecticut at North Carolina
#23 Oregon at # 9 USC
#14 Ohio State at # 18 Wisconsin

NFL Week 5:

Atlanta at Green Bay
Washington at Philadelphia
Tampa Bay at Denver
Pittsburgh at Jacksonville

Minnesota at New Orleans


I'm 5-2 after the college games. I guess that's not bad but the Auburn loss to Vanderbilt (commonly known as a fluke) made things a little worst. Picking Wisconsin to upset Ohio State might've been a bad pick in hindsight, but it's a bad pick I'd make again even if these two teams were playing again next Saturday.

I finished the week at 8-4 thanks mostly to the Eagles blowing the home field advantage and an early lead. Still not a bad week though.


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