Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Oasis and Jay-Z

I thought this was funny even though I take Noel's side. Jay-Z was taking a shot at Noel Gallagher for saying he shouldn't be playing at Glastonbury because it's a Rock festival.

The only problem is that Glastonbury is in England... which as you'll see a little bit into the video has a big Oasis fan base.

He let it play too long and by the second verse he was mumbling all the parts he didn't know. At that point he starts playng to the crowd encouraging them to sing along... because he's not stupid.

'Attack of the Show' played a clip of the video in their "Epic Fail" segment last night, but keep in mind this is the show that thinks calling anybody that's not a fucking nerd a douche is cool.

I don't think this is that big of a deal either. Jay-Z has some good points about respecting all forms of music but at the same time he missunderstood what Noel was saying about Glastonbury specifically. I don't agree with Noel's opinion of hip-hop, but I do agree that a bunch of hippies at a rock festival aren't that interested in artists like Jay-Z and Amy Whinehouse or w/e her name is, who punched a fan at the show probably because nobody (Oasis fans or Jay-Z fans) wants to hear that shit.


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