Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Review: Lasers Dragons and Lies (Zuda)

Lasers Dragons and Lies
"Bartz, the Blue Knight is trying to save his ex-love and future queen."
Lasers Dragons and Lies

The short tag-line pretty much sums up what this story is about - "Knight in shiny armor saves Princess" and from a dragon!! I can't tell you how exciting that sounds... because it doesn't. It misses the "hook." I'm not even sure this story has one.

The lead hero Bartz (awful name) is a Knight and he does wear armor, but his horse is a floating machine (a mechanical horse with jets) Maybe that's the hook - a mixture of motor-horses, mechanical dragons and magic.

It almost feels like a 'He-Man' clone with the mixture of ancient and future technologies. The hero wields a sword and rides a horse shaped hover-bike. A Horse-bike that vaguely reminded me of Battle Cat. The only thing missing was a Skeletor and Orko.

The dialogue is terrible, cliche', camp, etc. It hurts the characters that otherwise might be likable (aside from the villainess, who I wouldn't like regardless of what she said)

The saving point for this webcomic is the art and setting. The characters are wonderfully drawn (aside from a few simplified mutants) and the machines - the horse-bikes and mech-dragons - look great.

Overall, art alone isn't enough to get my vote. There's a lot of potential but too much camp to overcome.


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