Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Review: Splitting Atoms (Zuda)

Splitting Atoms

A story about the first dysfunctional family of science and how one woman tries to hold it together while facing all sorts of bizarre sci-fi threats.


One of the most common arguments about genre comics is that superhero comics have no real place in indie comics (and by extension, webcomics) The reason for that is a) it's all pretty much been done before, and b) Marvel and DC pretty much dominate the superhero genre. That doesn't mean it can't be done, it just means it's an almost futile effort. 

This comic pretty much proves that line of thinking. It's a fantastic webcomic with an interesting story and absolutely incredible art. But it's a superhero webcomic so it's kinda like a fish out of water.

The story revolves around Grace Atom. The first few pages explain how her father created her giving her super-intelligence and a few super abilities (strength, agility etc) If that's not cliche enough, the story jumps ahead to what we're told is Grace's 153rd time saving the day... by destroying a giant robot attacking New York.

The most interesting part of the story comes at the end when it's revealed that Grace's sister has written a tell-all book exposing Grace's secret. (that she's an experimental creation)

The art is maybe the best I've ever seen in a Zuda comic. It's maybe even good enough for the Big 2. That is, aside from the flawed panel breaks and page layouts. A few pages feature floating panels (just the characters in front of a plain white background with no outlines) and a few panel breaks on others that get you twisted around and confused before realizing you're reading it out of order.

Overall I think I've found the comic I'm voting for in this one. Despite the fact that I generally prefer my superheroes to have 50+ years of name recognition, the art is too amazing not to vote for it.


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