Thursday, February 26, 2009

Star Stream: 1st Sequential Promo

The image title of this is 1st penciled page promo, which just means it's the first promo featuring sequential pencils. In the actual story, it's page 15 (when counting the 6 page "prelude")

It's also the first time I've ever done a fully sequentialed (pencil, ink, color and letters) digitally. It was a lot easier than I thought it would be. Actually, I think I prefer digital to pencil and paper, although I admit there are still some areas where I still need the traditional medium like ships. For some reason, doing ships on the tablet doesn't work.

For anybody that might be curious, the hypothetical script (meaning I never actually wrote one) for this page would go something like this:

Panel 1. Establishing shot - Bale and Korbo are trekking through a dense forest in search of an alleged enemy base.

BALE: the captain looks up at him with a serious look on his face and says "If I had a tranciever I wouldn't be hiding in a damn Graylax den, would I?"

KORBO: Harg!

Panel 2. Close up of General Grimm (on the bridge of his ship)

GRIMM: That's enough fooling around, Calistas. You should be coming up on the Braigon Base.

Panel 3. Bale looks up in shock (subtle) at the base.

BALE: Yeah I see it. Doesn't look very accessible though.

Panel 4. Korbo and Bale duck behind a knocked over tree log as they spy on the base. The base sits in the middle of a small open area surrounded by tree-lines.

KORBO: Transmission and sensor arrays. Looks like a radar outpost.

BALE: Could mean there's a bigger facility in a near-by system.


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