Monday, March 2, 2009

Review: Children of Armageddon (Zuda)

An extraordinary event will push Secret Agent Eric Gray into discovering his past.


Another invulnerable superhero with a mysterious past battles a giant robot. What makes this story different is that our "superhero" is a secret government agent...

There's a lot of potential in the concept to do something different, rather than a typical superhero vs giant robot cliche'. Unfortunately it's wasted potential. All we get in these 8 pages are a quick origin story, an introduction of sidekicks and a giant robot.

After reading this I'm left wondering what it would be like if James Bond were blessed with invulnerability. I'm left wondering this because I didn't get to see it in this story. Maybe if this comic wins we'll get to see more of that but, like I love to point out, on Zuda you only get 8 pages...

The writer missed when he introduced this interesting concept directly between the 2 most over-done cliches of the superhero genre (origin stories and giant robots) rendering it nearly invisible.

The art on the other hand is nice, especially the first few pages. Watching the boy fall and the devastation it caused to a busy Dallas street was fun. The giant robot actually looked good... if only it wasn't a giant robot.

Overall I'd say I wouldn't be disappointed if this one won, if only for the chance to see the concept of a James Bond type character with super powers, but I doubt I could follow another superhero fighting giant robots for very long. 


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