Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Review: Deadly (Zuda)


What was once Australia is nothing more than dust, rock and poisoned air. Inhabited only by deranged carnivores. It's no place for a child.


I'm just gonna come right out and say it, this is one of my favorite first pages of any Zuda comic to date. There's only one line of dialogue "It started with a snake" 

But it wasn't my favorite first page (or one of) until a few pages later when we see what he means...

So this dude in a space suit is watching this giant snake swallow a little Aborigines boy... No I'm not kidding. Don't worry kids, the space man kills the snake and frees the boy. 

Usually when I see one of those made-for-tv movies about giant snakes on the SciFi channel I look for something else to watch. Not because giant snakes aren't fun, but because they're cheap, cheesy, and look terrible. But that doesn't transition to comics. It doesn't have to look like flawless CGI, it just has to look artistically solid.

The art is good. My only complaint was that every page was limited to no more than 2 panels. That'll look fine if the story eventually goes to print, but as a Zuda comic, it makes the story go by quickly. 

The plus side to that is that each panel has more room to breathe. As a result you get a better picture of the space man killing the snake, and for that matter the snake itself.

Overall it's a quick read, but worth the 30 seconds it takes to read it. I'm not sure if it's deep enough to deserve to win, but if it does I won't have a problem following it.


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