Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Review: "Intergalactic Law: Grey Squad" (Zuda)

In a galaxy where corruption doesn’t retire, Detective Janet Moore arrives at her latest assignment: Grey Squad, a sleepy, out of the way precinct where aging cops are sent to end their careers.


What have I always wanted from a webcomic space adventure, you ask? A drug dealing Space-Granny! ...seriously, this is one wacky fucking webcomic.

Intergalactic Law is filled with some very interesting characters. The lead character, Detective Moore, May be the only normal one... (That would be the cyborg female that was apparently bred for the sole purpose of being a cop.) 

The pacing of the story is a hybrid webcomic/comic strip. Each page can be read as a "gag-of-the-week" but there's also an over-arcing theme of a young hardliner detective being stationed in a precinct full of older cops nearing retirement. On top of that, every case seems to involve someone from the "retirement home" (see "drug dealing grannies")

It's not just the wild story that I like. The art is damn good. The more alien character designs go from simple near-human with blue skin to giant walking boars (or something similar) 

There are only two things that bothered me. The first was the lettering. It's cluttered and a little difficult to read in a few places. Secondly, we never get to see anything outside of the precinct's office area... I would've loved to see this crazy retirement community where all of these elderly criminals come from (AGAIN, see "drug dealing grannies") Neither complaint was big enough to have any real impact on my opinion of the comic though, I still loved it.

Intergalactic Law is overall a fantastic webcomic. Period. End of story.


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