Friday, April 10, 2009

Review: Myth (Zuda)

A tenacious orphan returns from a fallen kingdom of fantasy with a giant at his side. Together, the two set out to battle evil in both the realm of adults and the supernatural.


What would happen if Sin City had a love child with Calvin and Hobbs? They'd have a little webcomic baby named 'Myth'

The artistic style of Myth looks like it was ripped straight from Calvin and Hobbs. On top of that, the main character is a young boy about Calvin's age. And judging by the synopsis and the last few pages, they've replaced Hobbs with a "giant." 

The twisted nature of the story about a boy abandoned by his parents only to be chained to a wall in an old couple's basement like a prisoner mixed with the black and white/greyscale art also reminded me of the Sin City movie (never read the comic.)

All of this is blended flawlessly into an amazing webcomic with plenty of action and plot. The pacing is smooth (and fast) with a couple of "holy fuck!" moments thrown in for good measure.

The overall for this comic is "nearly perfect." The fact that it's not my prefered genre didn't stop me from loving every page.


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