Thursday, May 7, 2009

Review: Amber Hale, Supermodel (Zuda)

In the future, Amber Hale embodies fame and glamour. But, lurking behind the limelight, a sinister organization’s pursuit to save humanity may take her soul.


While I wouldn't call Amber Hale a "super" model, I would call this a pretty good webcomic.

I'll start with the art, because that's what stood out the most about this comic to me. For the most part it's a pretty common art style... a cartoon, western manga or whatever the hell they call it, thats what it is. It's not a bad thing. 

The character designs are pretty good, my favorite are the snake-eyes/clone-trooper looking guys (although a little generic) The design of Amber is good, but not my "cup of tea" I guess, while the character Kael was a complete failure to me. He looks kinda like a frontman for an 80s "hair band" and about as intimidating as one.

The story is a little difficult to understand given the lack of plot details. Kael is apparently running a secret operation doing experiments on pretty girls while the "clone army" guys are chasing them around trying to kill them.

I love that the story features a lot of action in the first eight pages, I just wish there were a few more clues to Kael's motivations or a hint as to why these guys in the tech suits are trying to kill them.

One thing about this comic that really struck me was the inverted word balloons. The bubbles are black with white letters. In most comics this would feel out of place but it seems to fit perfectly in this story.

Overall it's a "middle of the road" kind of comic that looks like a lot of fun as long as you're not expecting to read the greatest story ever written.


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