Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Review: Fallen Hunter (Zuda)

Life grows harsh in 2020 where killing and hunting have been major tasks in daily life so to survive. "Desert Hunter" captures a tough one among them, giving you a smashing visual impulse.


Fallen Hunter bares it all on Zuda... Fallen Hunter may be your typical post-apocalyptic webcomic, but it's packaged in some great art with interesting characters.

The art on 'Fallen Hunter' is excellent. The backgrounds, character designs, vehicles... everything looks great. The only flaw in the art is the poses. They lack energy and it hurts the final product. 

By the end of the story I was left wanting a few more pages to see where this was going... both story-wise and literally. I wanna know where these women are taking him. As good as the designs looked, I'd love to see what this city looked like.

There's a little bit of backstory about what kind of world the characters live in, but the story could've benefited from a little more explanation. The extensive action sequence did more to derail the overall story here than anything else.

One major flaw was the dialogue. I'm guessing English isn't the creator's native language. There were a few places where it really stood out but overall it wasn't that distracting.

I gave 'Fallen Hunter' four stars because despite a few flaws, the parts it got right it did exceptionally well. I could've done without the nude shots but I think I can look past that.


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