Tuesday, September 22, 2009

What's Going On... 1st edition

It's time for a new segment called 'What's Going On...'!

    Topics: Morning shows, the Heroes season premier, Monday Night Football, The Late Show and the goddamn Angels...


    Morning Show - I don't know which show is worse, Morning Joe or Fox & Friends. It's way too early in the morning for this non-stop politics garbage. Can't these people find a nice story about a cat that gave birth to 20 kittens?

    Heroes - I liked the season premier for the most part. The Nathan/Sylar thing is gonna be interesting and the Parkman/Sylar thread was one of the highlights from last night's episode.

    Peter is still my favorite character. I love the fact that he's actually doing the "super hero" thing in a realistic way. The best part of the premier was his fight with Ray Park's character.

    Speaking of Ray Park... He was awesome. It's nice to see him play a character that actually talks for a change. The whole carnival gang was interesting and I'm actually looking forward to where it's going.

    Some of the things I didn't like where pretty much every scene Claire was in. I can't say enough how much I hate her whole story-line. I don't really hate the character though, just the constantly ridiculous and usually pointless plot-lines.

    I also noticed they didn't show Mohinder at all...

    Monday Night Football - I think the fact that the Colts scored 27 points despite only having the ball for 15 minutes the whole game says a lot about Manning and the Colts' offense. It also says a lot about the Dolphins' defense.
    (I picked the Colts in my football picks, btw)

    The Late Show - Did Obama really need the whole hour with Letterman?

    The goddamn Angels - I'm tired of this goddamn Yankees/Angels thing. TIRED!

    I can't believe I'm gonna say this, but I really hope the Red Sox beat the Angels in the ALDS. I don't wanna see the Yankees have to face the fucking Angels in the ALCS. Besides... wouldn't a Yankees/Red Sox match-up to see who goes to the World Series be 100x more exciting?


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