Sunday, June 27, 2010

My 'Revelation' In Music

I wrote this song when I was about 15 years old. It didn't sound like this back then though. I used to just play the rhythm on an acoustic guitar and just sit and play 10 minute versions of it.

I found a bunch of old tapes I recorded back then and realize now, while listening to them, that I must have been really really high when I recorded them. If the me that's writing this met the 15 year old me that made those recordings... I'd probably have to beat the shit out of myself.

16 years later and I've added a bass, drums and some string instruments. I re-wrote all new lyrics (with a few lines from the original) and re-recorded it and I honestly believe it's an amazing song now.

The musical composition is nowhere near as complex as the rest of the stuff I've written over the last few months - especially songs like If There Is A Day or Mr. Frost - but I think it's simplicity is part of it's appeal.

Lyrically, I used the violent imagery of mother nature and a falling civilization to describe the musical flow and vice versa. When I say "everything stops and time stands still" the song goes into a break, and when I say "stars fall out of the sky in madness" the strings come in behind the main rhythm.

Interesting side-note (maybe) - The King Is Dead started out as a remix of this song before I decided to make it a follow-up/sequal and (hopefully) put it on the same album.


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