Friday, September 10, 2010

Football Picks Sept 11

It's week 2 of the College Football season and we're just a day away from week 1 of the NFL season!

I'm not doing as good as I expected so far, and with all the big match-ups on Saturday I'm gonna have to be on my game to stay above .500. (winners in green)

#22 Georgia at #24 South Carolina
#17 Florida State at #10 Oklahoma
Michigan at Notre Dame
#12 Miami (FL) at #2 Ohio State
#18 Penn State at #1 Alabama
#7 Oregon at Tennessee
#25 Stanford at UCLA

  • South Carolina has been slowly building momentum since Spurrier took over. When I say slow I mean slow.
  • This is Fisher's first real test as head coach at FSU. It's been so long since they were a real contender, I'd do just about anything to see them win this game... anything.
  • I'm a little surprised that neither Michigan or Notre Dame are ranked. Especially Notre Dame.
  • As an FSU fan, I don't like Miami. (I'm not even sure if I'm allowed to like them), but I really don't like OSU, so I'd love to see Miami pull off the upset here... but I don't see it.
  • Bama is pretty much unstoppable. The only real threat to their repeat hopes is Ohio State, If OSU holds on the the #2 spot, they could give Bama a good fight. But if OSU falters and Boise State moves into the #2 spot, as weak as their schedule is, they're not letting go of it.  Which would mean Bama wins the National title in a blow-out.
  • My big upset picks are Tennessee and UCLA.


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