Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Blood Covenant: Revelation - A Zuda Webcomic

Blood Covenant: Revelation - "4 vampires known as the Hunters seek revenge on Viktor, the one who killed their king. Viktor will not go down without a fight. Now the Hunters must face his army with an army of their own."

When I first saw this I thought "oh for fuck sake! Not another vampire story!" I mean, Vampires are the new Zombies right? But this story wasn't that bad.

The art was fantastic, especially the pencils. The colors could use a little work, mostly the shading. There are plenty of splash pages which can come in handy when your story's strong suit is the art.

The characters are ok. I loved the simple look of the Nosferatu but the main team wearing sleek black suits are so cliche it's distracting, but you can't really expect anything more from a story that's cliche from the title to the predictable twist at the end.

Overall I think it delivers enough with the art to overcome all the cliches but not enough to keep me interested in future installments. Oh, and the dialogue is aweful.


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