Friday, February 6, 2009

Review: Doctor Immortalis (Zuda)

Doctor Immortalis

The World is in jeopardy! And the only man who can save us is Dr. Jeffery Clark Attis, known the world over as DOC IMMORTALIS! A gentleman science adventurer, inspired by Pulp novels, H P Lovecraft, and bizarre conspiracy theories beyond imagining!


The minute I saw the first page of this webcomic it immediately reminded me of an internet movie trailer I saw a few years ago. In case you haven't heard of Iron Sky, you should click the link and watch the tailer. After watching that and reading this webcomic, the similarities should be obvious.

Immortalis finds himself investigating what looks like an abandoned moonbase (as in "it's on the fucking moon!") When he stumbles upon a stasis chamber full of "sleeping" Nazis just moments after unknowingly activating their reanimation. From this point on the story is pure action.

The gritty art isn't unusual for a Sci-Fi webcomic but it mixes well with the futuristic (from a 1942 perspective) feel of the technology seen in the first 8 pages. The designs kinda reminded me of one of those advanced but not as advanced as us planets in the Stargate shows.Which, considering it's a Nazi moonbase, is a good thing.

Overall, I'd say it's a great old-school Sci-Fi adventure that, (if it wins) should be a lot of fun to follow for the next year or so.

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  1. Glad you dug our little story opener! You seem to be in the minority of folks who really GET our concept. It's pulpy, a little tongue-in-cheek, and more than anything, just plain FUN.

    Thanks for the positive review and for getting us :)

    If we don't win the competition, we will be continuing the adventures of the good Doctor on our site. There's a few pages up right now for the continuation of the Moonbase intro, and several other comics and comic strips.

    Thanks again
    Artist on DOC IMMORTALIS